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About Author

Writing has always been a hobby for Dorota Perkins. She has published several books, including gratitude journals also mood diaries, and recently started her work on a children`s series of books about feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Dorota is a mental health nurse and obtained her higher education through Bangor University. She has over a decade of experience in mental health, working for NHS and across all group ages.

Since she started working with young people and children, she realised there are not many publications that could help with children`s emotional regulation and coping strategies. 
She set herself on a mission to write a blog for parents on children`s wellbeing. She has also created writing materials and workbooks for children to learn about wellbeing through fun, activities and play.

Since turning her passion into a profession, Dorota Perkins has written prolifically and constantly explores new ideas on helping the young generation. It’s challenging work, but she is never happier than when she sits down at her desk putting the opening words to a new book or story on paper. 

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